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Purpose and Symbolism



Astrology began as a primitive astronomy and calendar keeping which was used to determine the season to plant or harvest. The gods were associated with planetary events and their attributes given to plants, animals and stones. Astrology is part of man's earliest poetic beliefs. There is nothing Satanic or diabolical about astrology - Pluto is not the Devil. The seasonal aspect of Pluto symbolizes winter storage when
the god of the underworld guarded the root cellars (vaults of gold as well), also, he was a good keeper of secrets. Sometimes called the horned one, he was the protector of small children.

Spring and fall are associated with Demeter and Persephone, two aspects of the Mother Goddess.

There are hundreds of other names for the Mother Goddess, Mother Nature, The White Goddess, The Virgin Maya, Inanna, Astarte, Gaea, the list is endless. Astrologically speaking, to us, she is like the planet Venus when she appears on the Eve of Taurus in the spring (vernal equinox) and the Eve of Libra (autumnal equinox) in the fall. Venus can also be compared with Gaea (guy ’uh) or Mother Earth, the mother of the wheat goddess, Demeter. She has similarities to love and earth goddesses in other cultures. Venus is therefore an earth sign indicating physicality, earthly possessions and the need for security.

The purpose of astrology was to codify a primitive psychology based on metaphor and association with gods and planets. There is no actual wave-like, gravitational, electrical or atomic influence. As Paracelsus said, "The planets are within", meaning that we can make our own sense out of the chaos of the universe if we want to, assign our own metaphors to the poetry of our existence and generally interpret the stars and planets any way we want, the gods not withstanding.

The astrological system employed herewith was invented by Placidus and is used exclusively. Astro-NOM-ically speaking, the position of the planets is off by one constellation per sighted sign due to ‘procession’ or drifting movement of the axial (north) pointing of the earth since early Grecian and Roman times. The Placidus system recalculates what the position would have been back then and what it foretold.

The picture (above) is not a male chauvinistic dominated landscape. The right side is solar (light), male, and terrestrial while the left side is lunar (dark) feminine and far out. The snake of course knows this and goes for the dark side. It's been this way since the plough. Day plowing for men, night plowing for women. I didn't make it up.

The Chart

On the circle-chart the 1st House begins as a pie wedge at the extreme left and spreads downward and to the right as one twelfth of a pie. The next wedge is the 2nd House. For those more familiar with the clock analogy, the chart begins at the 9:00 o'clock position and reads counterclockwise.

The first House represents the horizon as seen at the exact moment of one's birth and a view of the constellation which was rising at that time (according to ancient times). Though it is called the Aries point, your ascending constellation will not necessarily be Aries. If all of the constellations appear in their natural houses, the chart is called a "natural chart".

The planet associated with a constellation is its ruler and carries with it the same qualities as the constellation it rules. I.e. Mars rules Aries. When planets occur in the constellations they rule, the signs are called "exalted" and bestow a doubling of power and attribute. When i.e. Mars occurs in a constellation other than Aries it will bestow a fiery, active, self-centering, aggressive quality to that sign.

The House of Self has the quality of Aries and has the meaning "I am", ruled by Mars. This is the primal lens that magnifies the actions and movement of the self. Self-awareness and self-togetherness.

SECOND HOUSE - possessions
The House of Possessions has the quality of Taurus and has the meaning "I have" , ruled by Venus. This is the primal lens that magnifies possessions and security, the qualities of  ownership.

THIRD HOUSE - expression
The House of Communication has the quality of Gemini and has the meaning "I think" , ruled by
Mercury. This is the primal lens that magnifies how one thinks and communicates one's intellect, the ability to express oneself.

The House of Home; (also early and latter parts of life ) has the quality of Cancer and has the meaning "I feel", ruled by The Moon. This is the primal lens that magnifies feelings and emotions. It can reveal attitudes toward home life and kinships.

FIFTH HOUSE - pleasure
The House of Creativity and Sex (going a-Maying) has the quality of Leo and has the meaning "I will", ruled by The Sun. This is the primal lens that magnifies the force of will, pleasure, sex and creativity. It can indicate a sense of Kingly manner.

SIXTH HOUSE - service
The House of Service and Health has the quality of Virgo and has the meaning "I analyze", ruled by Mercury. This is the primal lens that magnifies how we serve societal obligations and organize skills. It can indicate genius, judgment or nit-picking.

SEVENTH HOUSE - partners
The House of Partnership and Marriage has the quality of Libra and has the meaning "I balance", ruled by Venus. This is the primal lens that magnifies what one needs in order to be complete and may show the planetary ruler of your spouse, in your case Mercury which rules Gemini, that is if you are a Gemini. The reason for an earth planet ruler is because the original planet was Vulcan, which only recently was discovered on Star Trek.
Taurus, similarly, was ruled by Panhorace.

The House of Sex (reproduction), Death and Regeneration; (also Legacies, taxes and other peoples resources) has the quality of Scorpio and has the meaning "I desire", ruled by Pluto. This is the primal lens that magnifies life changes, what is left behind and how you get what you want, all of one's primal womb-to-tomb pursuits based on desire. 

NINTH HOUSE - exploration
The House of Mental Exploration has the quality of Sagittarius and has the meaning "I see", ruled by Jupiter. This is the primal lens that magnifies learning and travel, what you seek in the world, especially the way one explores one's own mind.

TENTH HOUSE - career
The House of Career has the quality of Capricorn and has the meaning "I use", ruled by Saturn. This is the primal lens that magnifies status and how one uses what has been given, hopefully not like Saturn who ate his own children.

The House of Hopes and Wishes; (also Friends ) has the quality of Aquarius and has the meaning "I know", ruled by Uranus. This is the primal lens that magnifies surprise, humanity, ageing, and how you relate throughout life to fellow human beings.

The House of Secrets, Sorrows and Self-Undoing (also Spirit) has the quality of Pisces and has the meaning "I believe", ruled by Neptune. This is the primal lens that magnifies both confusion and fog, the delusion and the spiritual salvation. Although associated with the Christian epoch, it does not confer Christian standing. Spirituality is personal.

  For a more modern and relevant look at symbolism today, read my work on occult symbolism and how it works.

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