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The Intercept Axis

James L. Warner   Saturday, September 12, 1998

Interception occurs when the internal angle of the House exceeds 30 degrees and a sign is sandwiched between two others. The interception forms an axis or straight line of opposing signs that appear to be missing from the chart, depending on which system you use.

However, if the ruling planet of either axial sign appears at or near mid heaven
(top of the chart) it is as though no interception occurs. (intercept is overthrown)

To say that astrologers disagree on the significance of intercepted houses is to further remind anyone interested in astrology that this pursuit is one of poetic and symbolic truth, not fact or any kind of report on the downpour of radiating heavenly phenomena. Please, take astrology with a grain of salt.

Astrology is entertaining because it often uncannily reveals truth with no scientific basis for uncovering it. It is poetic for what poets have called 'correspondence'. *Gerard De Nerval was one of the earliest of the symbolist poets to remark that, "Tout vit, tout agit, tout se Correspond." Everything lives, everything moves, everything corresponds to itself, which is the age old perennial philosophy or what we might today call a primitive attempt at an astrological theory of everything, something similar to what physicists are now trying to do using astronomy, theoretical math and sub-atomic physics.

* De Nerval was one of the first 19th century (1808 -1855) poets to revive Astrology, Tarot and other occult symbolism in artistic writing.

Aries - Libra (rulers: Mars - *Venus)

If the Aries-Libra axis does not appear in your chart (1st-7th Houses) you are a more complex individual than I am able to describe. Your friends would also agree, though you like them to be just as complex as you are. Changes in partnership have impacted you profoundly and you are not the person you were before. You also experience at least one adversarial relationship which dramatically influences your idea of friendship. A friend in need is a friend indeed!

* If you look at my horoscope jlw  you can see an example of how Venus conjunct mid-heaven overthrows interception so that Aries and Libra not affected. If you really want to get more in depth I recommend you read Harvard Psych Prof. Dr. Noel Tyl.

Taurus - Scorpio (rulers: Venus - Pluto)

If the Taurus-Scorpio axis does not appear in your chart (2nd - 8th Houses) you tend to be obsessive over money, possessions, even relationships. Though they may provoke strong emotions, without them you feel hollow. Inheritance may seem undeserved and you may struggle through some ordeal in order to feel as though you have earned it. You are compulsive and changeable and are more likely to quit a job before securing another.

Gemini-Sagittarius (rulers: Mercury - Jupiter)

If the Gemini-Sagittarius axis does not appear in your chart (3rd - 9th Houses) you are philosophical and educated, enjoying discussion without trying to convert or judge. You need more freedom than your environment permits, more than your friends and relatives prefer to allow. If you can simplify your tasks you are focused without becoming bored. Your religious affiliations are ever changing in order to understand the relevance of your self-expression in a complicated world.

Cancer-Capricorn (rulers: Moon - Saturn)

If the Cancer-Capricorn axis does not appear in your chart (4th -10th Houses) it is because you are invisible except for the image you have invented for public consumption. Home and business are polarized, home being intensely private. In business you also worry about the security of everything from keys and furniture to computers and proprietary knowledge. Appearances may cause you to re-invent or distort the picture of your early home life. If you work at home you constantly change residences in search of a secure place on the planet.

Leo-Aquarius (rulers: Sun - Uranus)

If the Leo-Aquarius axis does not appear in your chart (5th -11th Houses) it means you are off scouring the horizon for friends that will lend you a special place on the stage of life. Your friends must also be loyal subjects, attentive

students, happy campers, exuberant lovers, positive thinkers and above all, caring stewards of all living things, especially children. Finding your niche in life may be the foremost cause for both joy and despair.

Virgo-Pisces (rulers: Mercury - Neptune)

If the Virgo-Pisces axis does not appear in your chart (6th -12th Houses) it could seem that no reward goes unpunished. Everything you do for others somehow has its little kick in the teeth. If all else fails, however, there is usually magic, essoterica, meditation and maybe even a reason for your unfulfilling saga looming in a past incarnation. You are a soul shopper who rarely finds undamaged goods. Your enemies are the ill-suited company you needle with meticulous nit-picking. Only work and service keep you down to earth.

For more info read the article in Nov. '98 Astrology Today
Intercepted Houses And How They Can Affect Your Life
by Tracy Richardson

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