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Volume 28

OCT. 2017




Dark Edge of Light

October Forest

brush experiment

                        ŠJimmy Warner Design, 2018

Dark Edge of Light

A slant edge of light beam cuts across a differential part of your mind,
Illuminates, opening mysterious trails of color and striking realization: 
A phosphor glow of mushroom circles and fairy thrones on this side
Of deepest dark shadows, enchanted by woodland, where no one goes.

The edge of a brush, no meadow, the brush itself loaded darkly violet
With a sketchy color of late hour about to slather onto forever canvas.
Caught in October light the crystal lasers amplify my only sensitivity, 
Choosing those electric buds and nodules of wild, synesthetic ecstasy.

Could you be so lucky and chosen to incorporate this plane of wonder 
into receptive flesh and being? Only a curse when trying to explain it.
The glazed-over scumble of flowing ice into shallow puddles, may not
reveal itself to anyone but your inner working, intricate image capture.

Mine is an easel with voice and language of its own, a camera unique
To the definition of camera, full of dark players emerging from stygian
Space and sparkle, clothed by emperor magic, no brocade too abrupt,
Soft velvety blackness rolling beneath eyeballs and fade away scene.

If this reality said "come paint me", you may question the candidate,
Shiver in the chasm of a pear tree hole, recall the childhood specter
Of clown-like assaults to your sense of civility where no clown goes
But you. If this is where you live, unafraid, own it, til nature takes us.