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Volume 28

May 2018

July 2012



know thyself,   gnothi seauton

I have dedicated a volume of my poetry to Carle
Volume 25 online needs this update.


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Mc Everyone

                                                                          for Carle

A cultural victory of twang and drang may supersede
your classical forms,  Amadeus to Thelonious Monk,
narrow the average pallet to pizza, colas and burgers,
parading cars' thunderous bunch, wantabe maidens
with grease on their garlands who can ditch clean a 
wedding dress, dispelling all magic to increase her
new age karma with perfect union, bride and card.
The shouting begins at the turn-style of pedestrian
lifestyle, carnival candy aisle with travel mug to match.
Rabble mobs go where Dante never backs up slowly,
Marcel never finds his Mona Lisa with or without a 
mustache and Vincent spends his starry night too
drunk to paint his masterpiece amid chaotic shouts. 
You should be accustomed to the shouting by now...   

                                Know the shoutin'
                                 gnothi seauton,
                                  ( khnoh' thi
shau-tawn' ) 

   My brother-in-law Carle Shelton and I had a similar
conversation about this idea where he explained he was
transformed by the Greek words inscribed on the
outer courtyard of the Temple of Delphi which sounded to him
like "know the shoutin, know thee Shelton", and
thus he went on to became a well known psychologist.

   Our culture rarely gives us these kinds of insight given
the typical interests and pastimes we pursue, but at the very least
we are free to pursue them no matter what they are. As a poet
I wish to encourage young and old to discover more about
the wit and charachter of ourselves. The ancient arts have
been shouting about this since the beginning of history.

   Carle lost his life to diabetes June, 2011. I needed to dedicate 
two important words to this amazing man...  know thyself.