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Volume 28



Illness and Sci-Fi don't go well together unless you binge-a-thon so
many hours unable to move, sex or Sci-Fi, no matter the subject, they
put you to sleep eventually, roust you with robots ghosting thru the
walls and windows. The longer you wait the harder it is to catch up.

Your behind could also be a problem, getting behind in that as well.
Magnesium, Omega 3, burning brightly in the midnight hours, you
could do worse, but still no cigar or a similarly shaped unidentified.   

You stay awake long enough you'll catch up to the latest Sci-Fi
sequels they're cranking out, keeping your Vulcan fascination
eyebrow raised with anticipation, with science as well as Kuyper
belt beyond-the-beyond speculation, Pluto, a planet on the rocks.

Prepare for Sci-Fi that defies convention, from kitchen window
reflections to "Murder it scrawled" to Ancient underwear,
the missing drawer", Who's your data, or Cockpit confidential

refueled (99˘ /gal.), Kids with do-it-yourself plasma, You sure you
want the name of my girlfriend? Krogg? Attack the Geriatrica!
And here's one you'll be riveted on. How it's flayed, 2.0. Cliff hangers
may be dropped due to lack of attention, but thanks for watching.

Crazy ideas are worth exploring only to discover ideas crazy enough.


ŠJimmy Warner Design, 2016