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Volume 28

Bushy Riot

January 201

When the winter breaks, its thunderous backbone finished,
the fruit trees riot into bush and bloom, fashion spinach
and broad leaf shelter in the eternal hope of sky blue and
endless pink, fuchsia trumpets, and spring green up-shoots.
Past year's layer of loam carpets the path of Renewal as she
trips along her way, triumphant over death's wreckage. Her
gentle hand transforms a somber scene to joyous sneezes
of furious creation, pollen fountains of foof and flea, flight, 

a fanciful ascent to the meadows and hillsides of heathery
hoof and fauna, as you zip around in villainous cars and
trucks, busses, your belly full of meat your insouciant apps
and appetites have arranged with a get-away grin. This is

a brain freeze advisory, leftover decisions no one dared.
How long will gentle nature let us slide, methane, CO2,

H2CO3 oceans staring us in the face, no rose garden path.
We' re stifling a glorious world we were meant to share.

The next riot will not be colorful.

Jimmy Warner Design, 2016