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Volume 28

SEP 2017

Bar-Band Gig

Driving Midnight 70 MPH

Improvisation 14
                                                   rev'd 1-20-18

Queasy from the road food that
my motion sick genes survive on,
or the airbag bounce of your uppity doo,
your gush of confetti this 20-0h-4,
Like we’re so oh-for-everything
the tough, the horrible AND
the beautiful, sharing
such wonders of the earth
that any microsecond now,
filled with satisfaction like the glowing
aura of a
numinous white album,
we rip the knob off the inner music,
rapping in our rapture garden,
still round-the-clock Christmas,
still a nonsense biological tick off,
staying tuned to your Halloween
channel of powers to persuade…
yes, lets do this, I’m in, but I’m not
going to danso Margarena
like the frat house orgy bar-band gig
we just left, nor am I
going to be driving midnight
seventy mph naked and barefoot.

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