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Volume 28

JULY 2017

                    ©Jimmy Warner Design, 2018

Loner in the Woods Thinking of Yggdrasil

The rush of thoughts that engulfed me; and that evening became
An ink drawing, attempting to graphically identify the wondrous
Ash tree whose roots and branches hold together the universe,
Were not enough to arouse me to succeed in convincing my
Painting professors that I had more than a wild inner vision of
How to do so: the work, only the image of a wintery tree, bare,
And said universe, understated to the point of being omitted.

One wise prof said that I may keep painting as many Yggdrasils
as it takes to overcome my lack of solutions and clarity of design.

Solitude is not lonely; for this assignment, it is purposely alone.
I go to the woods to be with my vision and the vast scope of my
own imagination, even though my nineteen years are not up to
such an ambitious project. The wise professor was correct.
I have continued reinterpreting this vision the rest of my life…
One Yggdrasil after another, in search of a definitive tree that
Expresses without illustration the raw idea of a mythological

“Ash tree whose roots and branches hold together the universe”,
Painting which not only works, but works like the myth itself.