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Volume 28

Nature with a Pink Border

 May 2017



(straight from the wild, pink, icy mix on the weather board)

Beyond the hinterland's pink fringe of dangerous obsession
uncertain weather attracts, moving men where the bus we
label "Incertis" never stops, though after picking through a 
winter thicket, a man proves himself both hero and fool.

In blank verse octameter, stretching breath, a poet armed 
with chance and challenge fears no defeat, knows that trails
go somewhere, though virgin paths seem runic and unfamiliar.
Encountering alphabet stones the Futhark drives him farther.

By slap strokes and furious spray a painter knows his way 
makes his own forest, no line more weighty than another
no gray less clear than his own private vision, not to say 
clever resolve, endgames arrogant, or handily contrived. 

Bruised faces worn do not explain how music he dictates on
scratchy staves, jumped fences, rushed notes, ends met to
consummate all powers billowing over his stormy horizon,
no combo considered or unexplored to state a soaring solo.

A pink neon border nears the venturing stalker of imagery,
verse and soulful song but never stops the pursuit invention
overcomes, risking failure. Failing feeds the need to explore
the territory he faces in hopes of vast immortal discoveries.

Waking sandy eyed he feels the next room of paints, paper, word process and screen, from noise floor to ceiling of himself
to free a venturous heart no matter how often yawning dawn
extends her fog to hazy panes that cover every icy window.

photo by JAF

Jimmy Warner Design, 2017