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Volume 28


          When the Drought Starts         

Roomoid with Snoozer

     Coat People

Winter Onset

Wu Hsi World

                    August 2015


Sun suit mama and two golden head siblings,
Reinvented symbols, Helios, Venus, Piscean fish,
Tiamat lurking, driving the working man to his lair,
Mama to her hair dresser for a clip while golden
Offspring well up on wisdom for the world to come,
Flood of knowledge dispensed by well-intentioned
Spinsters, modern crones emboldened by codone.

Rooms are wallpapered with photo-shopped forest
Scenes, sylvan themes soon to be replaced by
Endless concrete, every brand of convenience, an
Over-designed community fabricated to extinction.
Moreover, no leftover woods, cornbread, clapboard
Incentive to watch nature naturing or future glowing
Except by neon underground malls and shelters.

Feel the plastic between the lines, plasticity of lives
That matter more than the landscape they riot to
Replace, one mall by night-visited mall, one midnight
Shop-around-the-corridor, coat people, despies and  Lurking hand-out homies, zomobots and oil drums,
Hand-carved villains made with flea-market knives.

When the drought starts earth can only end in fire &
Ice, sweat and tears, an onset of winter summering
Ever southward when the carousel of ocean flows to
A standstill, repeating with every man-made cycle of
Mayan disaster calendar after another, with a flaming Hot furious finale between de-facto's and zombo's.

If you own a glass to raise,  
Something in it may wiggle;  
A toast to room you still have
But time you still donít.      


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