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Volume 28






There are freezing cold faces in the window,
outside your thermal panes, no pan around,
no Currier and Ives snow covered nostalgia,
simply the zero degree reality of absolutes.

The weatherman talks about the effect on a
nude body which he has no experience in
life except prison camp or military training.
The effect of freezing nude is to freeze.

 Worst case scenario is looking out your
window, if itís not frosted over, and seeing
your own face, looming in desperate reality,
barely able to deal with downed services.

If you're basically optimistic you might  cast
a smile a bit too wide like your Buick's baleen
(whale teeth) grin sucking purine krill from
the spaces between your pantry bag meals.

I'm not making fun, handouts are options.

You shiver in place or light all your candles,
cook with candle-light, put a bag of snow in
in your fridge freezer and pretend youíre on
a camping trip that could last another month.
Breathtaking options...

     Many of our tragedies are due to failure of imagination.

©Jimmy Warner Design, 2017