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Who Is Jimmy Warner?

Artist, Writer and Musician
living in Richmond, VA 
Born 1944, Richmond VA  

Design Draftsman, Artist, Tech Illustrator,
Webmaster/ Web Author, Musician, Poet/Reader  

1963 - 1964 Richmond Professional Institute,  
                    School of Commercial Art
1965 - 1968 School of Fine Art
1969 - 1970 Boston University School of Communication

1970 Virginia Commonwealth University, BFA degree


1968 Poetry Editor, Image Magazine,
901 West Franklin St. Richmond, Va.
Publication credits:

poems, essay and 1st ink drawing / poem Youth.

Recent Credits:
Culebra ‘93, Indelible Ink ‘94, on the Internet since 1996,
self–published: Shockoe Reader and Jimmy Warner Design   


Contact:  Webmaster www.jimmywarnerdesign.com 
or www.shockoereader.com   also, see links to artists 

E-mail: mailto:jwarner@richmonder.com
G-mail: mailto:jleewarner@gmail.com 

Jimmy, when shaved



I have many disciplines, none always consistent or interrelated.  I do whatever comes over me.
This site is a platform for works I would like to do as well as work I have done before.  My site
is unfinished, sometimes trial and error, no apologies, it is what it is until I change it or remove
it, I even react to criticism. I have tried to include other artists and venues, Shockoe Readers,
and Art 6 but their interests have shifted, some have gone slam, others vanished. Between '08
and '11 much of that venue shut down. I have become a little jaded and disappointed. My sense
of humor may grate on wisdom, make fun of the meek, tear down the colossal, uplift the absurd,
immortalize the insignificant, and promote fantasy to an utmost outwardly driven design.
I invite comments but not comparisons, rants, ravings but not ratings, I seek no awards or fame.
I am already famous enough for what I do and do not seek any venue other than self –published
with-it-ness, global micro globule, zine dot-com obscurity, site unseen, sense unscented, and all
other social irresponsibility under the listing of “Things I Didn’t Write”, like when the Nazi asked
Picasso who painted his work, Guernica, Picasso responded, “you did”.

Social commentary has a way of writing itself and has no author in particular, it’s just out there
on the breeze. If I dare not repeat it, we are doomed anyway. Most who criticize me say “I don’t
get it, or that’s neither poetic nor artistic. Most people have not been to liberal learning centers
for ways to discover the beautiful/ugly world of “the profound”.  We were taught to journal these
ideas for later use. Later has arrived. I am stalking imagery for my “Instant easel”, resurrecting
the quiet dreaming of my weasel in hiding days. If only the privileged few can do it, why not
everyone with a laptop and a host. Social media have taken the cake of ‘demeaning’ straight to
the bake shop window.


I have commented negatively on my sax playin’ days, also in Lightheaded Gig, More Lightheaded
Gigs, Sax Life, and JWO exploits. The Mid-winter Night’s Chord Theory is instructional only
because I was unaware of it at a time when I most needed to learn it, as a HS teen embarking
on a professional musician’s journey of discovery out there in the real hard world. I have
included my original as well as other bastardized music for effect, humor, directness, derision,
or dirge, licks for wounds, licks for tracks and treasure. My hard luck adventures are both
cautionary as well as humbly humorous. Just because Santa brought you a musical can-opener
doesn’t mean the musical world is a smorgasbord of taste and triumph over the ear canal.
My grand symphonic suite is also included though only excerpts, and may sound politically
motivated. Thinking back, it could have been all the military hype of 1991 going on in the
background with instant global news cascading over my senses. I’ve been accused of making
program-music, war movie background music, and activist commentary sarcasm of wartime.
So? The best critique I received was, “poignant moments”, which I appreciated the most.

My art and painting gallery is more matter-of-fact, temporal, my changing interests, and a look
at where I might be going or what I’ve departed from for the better. Photos and photo-shopped
works are part of my exploration of previous works-on-paper, as well as sketches that widen
into larger works. Large scale painting is a phase I explored in the 70’s and early 80’s but have
since relied on large scale senses, the ‘feeling of space’ that my teachers tried to hammer into my
not so painterly soul. Illustration is not the end-all of works included with my poetry and articles.
Poetry gives me the opportunity to display a work or not for whatever purpose it achieves, like
a shoe if it fits. I got used to writing on sketchbook pages as a way of journaling but not the way
one keeps a diary, i.e. entries such as “dear us”, and “sincerely ours, time”,  but no dear diary.
Journaling can be everything from a sneeze of marks to a capture of photo-reality. I like the  
prospects for photo-unreality, given the range of photo-shop possibility at my fingertips.

My poetry is an adventure encouraged by friends and loved ones, something I might not have
done were I not pushed out the door to read in public at library and book store venues. Though
I’ve been writing since pubescent high school days, and took poetry very seriously, I never
felt the urge to submit work for publication until the nineties, where upon I discovered that my
work was not ready even for amateur prime time. It still isn’t, but I don’t care. This is how I look
when I’m enjoying retirement. There’s no wrong way to do this, anyway is a good way.
Thus, the sax – sex analogy, Freudian slip, no. Worn out metaphor, maybe, but my point has
always been the idea, not just through music, but an irrational pursuit that one might get laid. 
Dream on. The world doesn’t work that way. If people really knew the reason why they got
lucky they might run away at the next opportunity. Hind sight is a picture of you running. Sax
is an instrument I played since I began writing, though I learned on a clarinet, and before that
on a tone flute in 4th grade. Sax goes beyond the powers of music, beyond what music has the
ability to communicate. Holding a sax could get you more vibes than playing it. The symbol
says it all, and I am still exploring that and many other primal symbols to this day.


©Jimmy Warner Design 2016