After Sundown

an art object for contemplation

                             by James L. Warner

                         Inspired by John Senior
The Way Down and Out:
The Occult in Symbolist Literature


I. The Way In

A stranger stops and bends
her brass reflections

while she drops her stale gardenia
down my wailing saxophone.

A deep depression follows me
the moment of her letting go.

II. The Way Down

I lug the aching horn to work
and see myself in pools of rain
a stranger now oblivious to pain.

III. The Way Out

In mournful, Grecian bars
escape is going up on stage
or going down in flames.

Glinting like a shrine
or glimmering in hell
my ups and downs combine.

IV. The Way Up

My saxophone is glowing
as I crawl toward the rim.

V. The Way Back

An iridescent flower rises
weightless in the bell.

John Senior taught me how symbolism works, if you want to begin your understanding start here, read his book


ŠJimmy Warner Design 2016