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James L. Warner, Richmond, Va.   BACKGROUND/ VITAE:       revised

JAMES L. WARNER is an artist, writer and musician living in Richmond, Va.

Born 1944, Richmond Va.

Occupations: design draftsman, illustrator, computer artist, HTML, ASP & VB programmer,  writer, composer of pop and symphonic music.


Education:                                                                                    art  (painting )  resume

1963 - 1964 Richmond Professional Institute School of Commercial Art.

1965 - 1968 Richmond Professional Institute School of Fine Art.

1969 - 1970 Boston University School of Communication.

1970 Virginia Commonwealth University bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

  Offices: 1967-1968 Poetry Editor, Image Magazine,
(a top 10 college, design magazine) 901 West Franklin St. Richmond, Va.
Publication credits: Several poems, an essay and an ink drawing / poem.

Recent Credits: Culebra 1993, Indelible Ink '94, from '99 to '02 Wild Moon Symphony dot-com, and since 2002 - present, Shockoe Reader dot-com.

1970 to 1976 Student of life:  painter, poet, road musician.



1976 to 1980 Consultant artist to Addison Wesley's Boston Educational Research,
Conner's  Publishing - EDN Magazine, and consultant E/M Design Draftsman to
American Optical,  Codex, Raytheon, and Honeywell. attended various Massachusetts Voc. Tech schools,  College Algebra, Computer programming.

1979 New Hampshire Voc Tech. Printed Circuit design

1980 to 1983 Consultant draftsman and technical illustrator to Philip Morris, USA.

1984 VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER CO. (Consultant) Assisted redraw of Bath County Pump Storage Facility for CAD system, 5000 drawings.

1985 REYNOLDS METALS CO. (Consultant) Mechanical and perspective drawings in ink of can lines and electronic sensors. Also computer interface details, loop diagrams, and flow charts.


1986 to Present JIMMY WARNER DESIGN (self employed) An advertising think tank for international clients. Customer sensitive drawings and illustrations all confidential, some advertising art, some architectural for city contractors, computer drawings and graphics, illustrations and presentations, multimedia design (av), computer art for websites, and photography edited for the internet.

1987 to 1996 tuxedo-band musician w/ the Robert Pecht Orchestra

1989 Began home computing

1993 ten weeks of CAD training

1993 to Present  ACCESS TECHNOLOGY INC. (Consultant) Music software and processing equipment, installation, diagnostics and instruction, house calls, multimedia demos and sound.

1995 Became a "Shockoe Poet", reading at Richmond book stores and coffeehouses.

1996 to Present www.richmonder.com (Web Author) Graphics / HTML pages for company website, clients of ATI & Jimmy Warner Design.

 2000 launched Richmonder-based Shockoe Reader for local poets.

 2003 launched Richmonder-based, Free Tarot Online website  (wrote asp program) and got over 50,000 hits but who's counting.



 2004 - 2007 Joined ART6 GALLERY INC. as Webmaster for www.art6.org

established JWO,  Jimmy Warner Orchestra, to play for art gallery openings



2006 launched  jimmywarnerdesign.com, and  shockoereader.com

2007 launched marmakay dot-com for Henry Street Gallery

2008-10  Writing and exploring symbolism, using design photos, self-publishing

Current Technical Skills:
  Graphic arts, digital photography / editing, Internet
and  Sonar 7 midi music / audio programming.                                                

20 years experience with IBM type computers, Microsoft operating systems,
file  management, Word, Excel, Access, Visual Basic, and database applications.

10 years experience with MS Internet programs, ASP, HTML, VBS, VBA, MSIE, WIE,  MS Outlook, music composers: Sonar, web editing w/ MS FRONTPAGE, and various photo shops.

ALSO JPEG, GIF BMP image editors: Adobe, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro / + animator, and  use of online resources.

10 years: Music Composition: Midi, Cakewalk, BBW, music theory and instruction.

10 years: Tarot software, reading, history and symbolism. Authored and compiled
my own  software TarotBasics 1.0 - 6.0 and Tarot database. Use of astrology charts, and software,  published charts. 10 yrs programming active server pages
combining ASP, VB Script & HTML for tarotonline website.

30 years in art, illustration, drafting, tech writing, electronics, manuals, working
with  engineers, project documentation, even riding shotgun on company guidelines. 


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