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Volume 28

JAN. 2018



 Danger, coral peach 2018

                            Waging an all-winter war for warmth
  ŠJimmy Warner Design, 2018



They're calling it coral-peach on the weather board; far from peachy,
Danger zones keep coming up with nick names for Norse hardship.
Winter's grip, has no two frosty graphics blamed for global change.

See the background moving closer til it's your backyard, White-Out
Time again, erasures and removals, lines down sparking, dancing,
Violet shadows in the orange glow, irony colored so ugly-beautiful. 

Our giant tramples land and sea, walks on water, drenching acres
Swept clean of trees, hillsides sliding down in the night, the cries.
I rummage for reason, rake fist-fulls into bins, ask not what to do? 

Civic Ragnarok may overwhelm the disaster weary, turn a sweet
Life into sour  mash, the rosy finger of sunset warning with its
moral back and forth, fixed fateful stare, frost menace roiling over.

Where to run? Hovels and shacks for shovels, Why? It's our fault.
All-winter war for warmth may leave you broke, battling decades
Of debt with only a medieval image of narrow tree rings to burn.  

Pieter Bruegel comes to mind