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Jimmy Warner's Gallery





1st version  Pho img

Design Project

Design Project

Pink Sun Sinking 14x17


Roomoid w/ Body

No Mind Tech


Winter Onset 1

Mountaintop  Brush

Alien Forest

Riot 2 2015 July

Rusted Pines 18x24

roomoid  3 img  roomoid 4 w/ bottles img roomoid 6 roomoid 9 img


Red 15 img Winter Roomoid img Pushing The Envelope img

roomoid 10 img Whacked Earth img Hellscape



Maiden Rising   

Face Nu at Window 1k Yard Stare

Twine Forest Seeds Away Insects gaze at
the Moon's Reflection

Man Alone Dwg Uphill Firs  acrl ptng 2014-15 Xmas card


Closet Cubicle Babe

Firs, Weeds and Wildflowers  acrl ptng Winter Onset 1

Winter Onset 2 Winter Onset 3  acrl ptng Winter Onset 4

Winter Onset 5 Winter Onset 6  acrl ptng Winter Onset 7

Winter Onset 8 LH Winter Onset 8 RH  acrl ptng Winter Aura
Winter Onset Series 17x 14 acrylic paintings on card stock
Jimmy Warner Design 2015