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Acrylic Paintng 1972 jpg photo by Phil Trumbo (94568 bytes)

Acrylic Painting 1972                 Jimmy's Large Scale Canvases

Jimmy Warner's Artworks     
rev'd enhanced acrylic painting 1992 (icon) 

1960's thru 2018

                                SUMMER  2018


                                NEW  FOR  2018

                                NEW  FOR  2017

                                    NEW FOR  2016

                                     NEW FOR  2015

                                                                                      NEW  FOR 2015                     


                                  New works and images 2014

                 New works and images 2013

    art is an incomplete sentence...

                                  new paintings 2012

Energy Art is not new, I have explored it my whole life
New Energy
Old Energy
My Energy Art

Passion on Paper 1
1969 - 2012
Passion on Paper 2

Slide Show of Jimmy Warner Landscape Paintings
time approx: 23 minutes auto (green arrow)
This is a tentative, 20Meg, 285 file selection
of random slides of JW landscape paintings
from 60's to present. Some are details, some are
before and after, photo shopped enhancements, 
made up, sold, or tragically disappeared.
New Landscapes 'STICKS'
2010 - 2017

2012 works on paper
New additions70's to 90's Drawings

Rainbow Door, acrylic painting 1972

2011 slide show


Childhood Iimages

Deltaville 1939 drawing enhanced

Delta Window 2010

Outrage  2010

Political Paintings
Works on paper

Containment, acrylic on paper 2010

Gulf Coast Disaster

New Works  2010

Painting, Photo and
Digital Works

rev'd enhanced acrylic painting 1992 (icon) 

Gallery 2010

Paintings 2009

Works on Paper

Richmond Cityscape 1 (small)

 Gallery 2009 - 1

Gallery 2009 - 2
Paintings 2008

Works on Paper

Landscape 0108d (small) acrylic on paper

Gallery 2008

works  2005 - 2007

Photo and Digital


T F Poetry 7 (small) color photo 2007


Gallery 2007 - 1

Gallery 2007 - 2

Gallery 2007 - 3

Gallery 2007 - 4

paintings 2006

Gallery 2006-7

New England Beach 2 acrylic on paper 2006

 Gallery 2006

Henry Street Gallery
Show March 2007

painting resume


Mixed Bag  2003 - 2005

Paintings, Photo and Digital

Woodshed, bw photo montage 2003

 Gallery 2003

 Gallery 2004 

 Gallery 2005

Acrylic Paintings

Works on Paper

Red Towers 1991, 9-11 comem. acrylic on paper

Nine- Eleven

Forest 00, acrylic on paper 2000

 Gallery 2001

dockicon.jpg (2102 bytes)

Paintings 1975 - 1992
Works on Paper

Moonlit Forest (icon) acrylic on paper 1975

Magical Landscape
paintings, 1970's

Judgment of Paris pencil/watcolor 1975

Drawings and
mixed media

Slide Show of Jimmy Warner's Drawings

This is a tentative, 20Meg, 207 file selection
of random slides of JW drawings from 60's to present.
Some are photo shopped,  colorized, some are
paint shop digital drawings .

Digital Painting

And Hardly Without Gardens 1965

  Animation + Digital Works


Digital Landscapes
Fall Foliage

Computer Enhanced Art

Digital Works

Ektro Ball (small) shopped drawing from 1963

Electro Enhanced


Flame Lotus (icon) clip reshopped 1998

déjà Clip

Computer Enhanced Design
 and Computer Animation
1996 - 2003


2001 Showcase


Design Portfolios

Jimmy Warner Design

Jimmy Warner Design 

Magical Landscapes

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