on Jimmy Warner Design . com

Volume 28

DEC. 2017



     Paint Mat / Under Blotter (accidental brushwork)

  hovering all winter in a mirror selfie
ŠJimmy Warner Design, 2018


It may appear that I am still thinking, hovering at the event horizon
unable to proceed with normal life, shuffling about, drippy nose in
tow, refusing to surrender to diabetes, refusing the cane or chair,
unshaken by civic disasters and political nightmares; but, shrinks
say it's not a nightmare if you can help someone besides yourself.

I think outside the blotter even as a useless nose wipe, helping,

a generation ago by finding my poetry voice, speaking to image
tribal grass root folks who also live inside the nightmare zones,
taking thought more seriously than the suspects we blame for the
soaking we suffer, standing ground on the squishy blotter-scape.

Readjusting for the shit storm of old age does not diminish the
Old master inside me, whether framed by mirror, candle and a
Dried arrangement, or the all-winter flannels I wear all  winter;
I still think outside parameters, working against my environment,
Artist, Poet, Web Master, Hero to myself, squishing and blotting,

Being as accidental as a bad hair day, on fire, manned up with
Every pill a longevity seeker can cram into a morning sunrise,
With no intent to perspire, ache, moan, rip, snort or bag-knee. 
Intention is not armor, though prized among Hindus, my real
Hedge against failure is my stacks of paintings, reverberating

Like a buzzed phone nobody wants to pick up, irate..."what!!"