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Wild Moon Transit

Regarding Whimsy 

A critique and discussion of Whimsy Hikes the Volcano
with Victoria Marinelli

Comments: September 16, 17, 18, 2001

I think as the world awakens today that there is feeling of exhaustion and disbelief.
There is no telling how many Mondays will pass that this will be true.
It is difficult to decide today what normal activity is the right one to do.

Hope you are okay in these sad times. 

Very well said! How dare they change our horizon!
Really felt you captured the emotion and images well: love the concept BEFORE BREAKFAST _ how quickly and unexpectedly it all changed.

I traffic in words but find myself bereft and sad. One rarely sees in life, thankfully, history so radically altered, before your very eyes, live and in color. 

Even while the war drums are beat with vehemence, with jingoistic and chauvinistic anger, there is underlying it all a certain hurtfulness of "how dare they."    

Summer '01

More visual in your poetry and getting away from the words. Much more impact. Do you remember what the music is for? Do you still hear it? I'm glad there's a rose shining within. 

I like the new dimension in your writing, 
which is less dimension, less but more... 
twisty, turny with your ever wild and flowing vocabulary,
a simplicity that says more than ever. Bravo!

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